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What to Look for in Social Networking Websites


The items listed below are the key things you should look for before joining Social Networking Websites. Pay close attention to these areas as they determine which sites are the best.

Feature Name
Feature Description
Network Size / Number of Users Social networks are for socializing with family and friends so the size of the network is critical to a great user experience. The more people there are in a network, the higher your chances of finding others with similar tastes, hobbies, etc.
Profile Page Customization Profile page customization is the ability to change and update your profile page with information or other gadgets (radio players, calendars, etc.). The ability to quickly change your profile page without knowledge of HTML or other programming languages is critical in finding a social network. Look for sites that allow you to change your profile page with easy to use tools and templates.
Content Sharing Options Sharing options entail the ability to share your personal information with the public or keep it limited to a few individuals, if you share anything at all. Social networking sites offer numerous levels of sharing so look for the sites with the most flexibility in this area.
Privacy Controls Look for services that give you the ability to designate your personal information as private or publicly available. Also look for the ability to block certain users if they are spamming you or you just don't like them :).
Blogging Functionality As blogging becomes the new millennium news room, it has also become increasingly important for social networks as users post their personal diaries. Look for easy to use, blog creation tools.
Alternative Ways to Communicate with Other Users Alternative communication methods include instant messengers, email, site-messaging, video chat, etc. More and more social networks are offering new ways for users to communicate with one another. Look for sites with the most communication options as it will help you stay connected with those that you chose to connect with.
Channel / Content Depth Content depth is the various content channels offered by social networks. These channels include music, books, movies, etc. and allow people interested in those areas to not only find other people interested in those items, but to also find content in those areas. Look for sites that offer a broad array of content channels.
Video Content Video content is becoming increasingly popular and part of most social networks. Video content can include user generated content (home videos) as well as professionally produced content such as CNN news feeds. Look for sites that offer video content if you want to maximize your social networking experience.
Ability to Search for Other Users Search functionality is critical as it allows you to narrow down your search and find those users that you want to socialize with or find webpages that you need. The more search options available when searching for users, the higher your chances are of finding the person or group you are looking for.