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Different Types of Social Networking Websites


Below is a list of the various types of Social Networking Websites from which to choose from. These site type categories are based on the focus of the service and usually align with the type of user the site appeals to.

Types of Social Networking Websites
This Type of Site is Good For...
General Network Users who want a lot of information and features covering a lot of different topics
Travel Users who want information about a travel destination, activities for vacation and for those who love to share personal vacation experiences
High School Students High school students and faculty
College Students College students who want to socialize and meet with other students or who want information from other students (homework help, tips, etc.)
Parenting Focused Parents and/or soon to be parents
Business Networking Business professionals looking to network and to get referrals for new jobs
+40 Year-Old Adults People over the age of 40 looking to socialize with other +40 year olds and consume content relevent to those over 40
African-Americans African-Americans and those interested in African American culture
Latinos Latinos and those interested in Latino culture
Children / Teens (12-18) Users between the ages of 12 and 18 years old looking to socialize with other 12-18 year olds and consume content relevent to this age group.
Adult / Pornography Users looking to socialize with users interested in porn or to consume porn related content in a social environment
Race Car Fans & Drivers Race car drivers and fans
Events / Things To Do Users looking for events and other things to do (i.e. dine out, sporting events, concerts, etc.) in a particular city or region
Messaging Users looking to communicate with other users through social networking services
Photos Users that are interested in sharing photos and interacting with other users that share photos
Models Models, photographers, and those interested in becoming models
Books Users that love to read books, trade books, or socialize with other users that have similiar book-related interests
Art and Artists Artists and those interested in art
Interior Design Interior designers or those interested in interior design
Lawyers Lawyers or those interested in law
Media Professionals Media professional and those interested in the media profession
Family Members of families looking to interact with other family members online
Parents Mothers and fathers looking to interact with other parents or consume parent-related content in a social networking environment
Sports Athletes and sports fans
Women Women and users interested in interacting with women online
Pet Lovers Pet lovers and potential pet owners
Cooking / Wine Users interested in cooking and wine related information
Cars / Car Lovers Users interested in cars, car related content, or interaction with other users interested in cars
Collectors Users interested in collecting, consuming information related to collecting, and interacting other users who are interested in collecting
Movies / Movie Lovers Users interested in movies, information on movies, and interacting with users that have similiar movie tastes
Fashion Users interested in fashion and interacting with other users that have similiar fashion interests
Health Users interested in health/health issues and interacting with other users that have an interest in health
Environment Users interested in environment / environmental issues and interacting with other users that have similiar interests
Mobile Phone Users Users interested in conducting social networking functions (i.e. friends lists, blogging, photo sharing, etc.) using their mobile / cell phones
Shopping Users interested in socializing with other users regarding shopping for goods and services
Gaming Users that are interested in playing games in a social networking environment and/or interacting with other users with similiar gaming interests
Life Experiences / Goals Users who like to share their personal life stories and/or aspirations with other users
Social Network Creation Users and businesses who want to create their own social networks
Supernatural Phenomena Users looking to share or explore experiences related to supernatural phenomena
Affluent / Wealthy Individuals Users that are wealthy and affluent looking to network with other affluent persons.
Technology / Products Users looking to socialize with other users around technology products such as phones, computers, servers, etc.
Virtual Worlds Users looking to participate in virtual worlds that allow them to create "characters" and imitate life through within virtual community.
Gay / Lesbian Users looking to network with gay and / or lesbian users.
Physicians / Doctors Pysicians / Doctors who want to collaborate on medical issues and discuss topics with the community.
International / Foreign Users from foreign countries outside of the United States (US).
Social / Political Causes & Issues People looking to connect with other people for the purpose of discussing social and / or political issues
Jewish Users looking to connect with people of Jewish decedent
Venture Capital Companies looking for investment capital and those looking to make venture capital investments.
Stocks / Trading Users looking for recommendations and tips for stock trading.