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By allowing participants to participate in the acquisition and impact of online media across various verticals, the SiteRapture Internship Program is designed to provide participants with the type of work experience and contacts that will enhance their ability to obtain employment in the digital/Internet industry.  The SiteRapture Network of Sites is composed of a leading group of vertical websites aimed at helping consumers and businesses better search the web for various types of information and services.

SiteRapture’s Internships are primarily located within the South California region however as the program is heavily web-based, some Interns can be virtual. In those instances where interns are virtual, Internet and phone access are required.

For more information about SiteRapture’s Internship Program, please see the Internship FAQ below and/or contact us at

Q: What is the SiteRapture Network of Sites?
A: The SiteRapture Network of Sites is a group of knowledge and information sources that help users find various types of content across specific verticals.  The network includes: – online directory that helps users find and evaluate websites / online services – online directory that helps users find industry statistics and figures – online person-to-person donation platform – online video network focused on social and charitable topics
- online research resource that helps parents evaluate Southern California elementary, junior high, and high schools

Q: Will I get paid as a SiteRapture Intern?
A: No, however you may be reimbursed for certain pre-approved expenses.

Q: In addition to the relevant work experience, what other benefits will I receive for participating in the Internship Program?
A: Interns will receive class credit as stipulated by participating institutions.  Also, by virtue of the types of projects that our interns work on, they will invariably be given the opportunity to establish industry contacts and connections. Additionally, SiteRapture will hold “teach-ins” in Los Angeles on a regular basis, during which time industry experts will come in to lecture, meet our interns and answer questions. Finally, all SiteRapture Interns are eligible for full-time employment with SiteRapture based upon performance.

Q: What would my responsibilities be as an intern for SiteRapture?
A: As a SiteRapture intern, you will initially be assigned to our content acquisition team, whereby you will assist the company's vertical content acquisition activities. In particular, you will be responsible for researching various verticals and identifying relevant content for each vertical.  Once content is identified and acquired, interns will help create plans related to the consumption of the content across the network and the impact the content has on consumer decisions and activities.  Lastly, interns that exhibit excellent writing skills will have the opportunity to contribute editorial across SiteRapture’s websites.  Because content across all SiteRapture platforms varies, interns will be exposed to a wide variety of research and consumption studies which include online services data and research with, industry statistics and figures with, school information and video tours with, charitable issues and donations with, and video and editorial content for social issues/causes with

Q: What skills/requirements are you looking for in an intern?
A: Successful SiteRapture interns will be creative self starters with strong Internet research skills and the ability to think out of the box relative to online media. Interns are also asked to create concepts and plans around the consumption of all media types across the SiteRapture Network of sites and ways to improve the overall user experience.

Q: What is the vision for the future of the company?
A: SiteRapture aims to be the leading online resource across each of its verticals ranging from Internet and Technology research, to Social Impact Services, to Parent Resource Services.

Q: Can you please send me more information?
A: Please visit the SiteRapture network of sites to see what we are all about.

Q: Is there an age limit for the program?
A: No.

Q: How many hours are required?
A: Although Interns are not required to commit to a minimum number of ours, the program is such that participants will get out of the program what they contribute to the program. For this reason, Interns are encouraged to work in a manner that is consistent with a desire to obtain the knowledge and experience as well as a position in the industry and/or with SiteRapture.

Q: How long is the Internship Program?
A: Our typical internships last between 3 and 9 months.

Q: Where are the Internships offered?
A: SiteRapture Internships are primarily located in the Southern California region however, based on certain circumstances, interns can be virtual as well.  As such Interns can be based anywhere as long as they have Internet access and a telephone.

Q: How do I apply for a SiteRapture Internship?
A: Please email us at