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43 Things

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Service Type: Life Experiences / Goals
Link: http://www.43things.com
Launch Date:
Tags: goals, social network, life story.
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43 Things Description

Other people often have great ideas. You can get inspiration from others. Adopt a goal as your own or set up your own goals from scratch. Either way, 43 Things can help you document your success, share information, and make progress on what matters to you most.

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Reviews of 43 Things by SiteRapture Editors / 43 Things Reviews by Editors

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5 out of 10      Currently in our labs for testing      Submitted By: TheBoss
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4 out of 10      One of a kind      Submitted By: fancymoose2
I guess you really have to be into the site content before you actually get there! There is nothing worse than a long line of text - its a great idea but they could really expand on it and make it even greater. It could be very inspiring if it was done better. People should get up and do what they have always dreamed of.
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5 out of 10      Nice way to remind yourself on goals      Submitted By: scott
There isn't anything that amazine about this site. There are a lot of registered users with a range of short term and long term goals. They can get help from other registered users and also a reminder about their goals to keep them on track. If I have to drop a few pounds and I decide to post as one of my 43 things " loose 20 pounds", an email everyday probably will not be the enough to motivate me. I think that the number to a personal trainer or gym would be more effective. Please register and tell me what you think...
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7 out of 10      great website      Submitted By: lehtok
this web site is one of the better social networking web sites ive ever visited. evrything is explained loud and clear in laimens terms and it also gives great direction as well as online guidence. i suggest that you check out this website before you make any final decisions on what you are trying to do. why waste your time on other websites that have hard to find information and an unclear message. this website is the top of the line social networking website and needs to be more advertised and used. if your looking for a simple website that has everyhting you need id go here.
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7 out of 10      43 things      Submitted By: mtveter
It was a very unique and fun site to learn the personalities of others, I was very open minded about it. It made me think more about myself and what more I can do in my life. It makes me want to know if these people have reached their dream and how it has effected them.
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8 out of 10      Review of 43things.com      Submitted By: js8829
43things.com is a website devoted to sharing goals and aspirations with other members of this online community. In a nutshell, users create their list of of up to 43 life goals, post it on the site, and then others have the ability to view your dreams and goals and "cheer" you on, or basically encourage you. I found it very interesting looking at other member's goals; it was kind of nice to see how all kinds of different people, no matter from what religion, etc., had similar goals to me, like to be healthy, happy, and tons of other good goals. I created a list myself, and it was in fact very inspiring to have other people cheer me on. The only downside is that there aren't many features that other social networking sites have. For instance, I couldn't find any feature that allowed you the ability to look up people from within your company or school. If you want to achieve ANY goal, I would recommend strongly you use this site...it really helps when you have a whole community "cheer" you on!
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1 out of 10           Submitted By: Nicolaots
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43 Things Tutorials & How-tos / How to use 43 Things

Tutorials & How-tos / How to use
43things Cheer Notifier      Submitted By:  TheBoss
How to install a 43things cheer notifier (Watch Video)

Two ways to add goals to 43 Things      Submitted By:  TheBoss
Here's an educational video that shows how to add goals to your 43 Things list. (Watch Video)

43 Things Blog

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43 Things News / Press Releases
  12/30/2007 12:00:00 AM Making a big to-do out of other people's resolutions

43 Things Corporate Info

43 Things Corporate Info
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