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8 / 10      Blogger.com Review-a Great Site!      Submitted By: js8829

Blogger.com is a great site. It allows you to create your own blog, and they also have many blogs for you to read and enjoy. The site has excellent features that allow you to start your own blog, and all these features are extremely easy to use. No technical or coding knowledge is required to start publishing your very own blog. The only con of blogger.com is that they have too MANY blogs. This is the cause of a few problems: one, it is somewhat hard to find a blog to read, as I would estimate that Blogger probably has over 100,000 blogs (navigating all these different blogs can be somewhat challenging). The second problem is from a blog publishing standpoint-it is kind of hard to get your specific blog noticed on Blogger, as they have so many blogs as i mentioned before. Overall, i would say Blogger is a good and useful site, but does take a little getting used to.
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9 / 10      Eons.com      Submitted By: js8829

Eons.com is a social networking site for older people (40 plus) years old. The site has a lot of good features, and is very easy to use. Many 40 plus year olds don't like the flashy, upbeat appeal of sites like Facebook and MySpace, so i would definitely reccommend Eons.com to them. Website usability is EXCELLENT. I'm sure you'll be hearing about this website in the future. In my opinion, Eons is the next big social networking site, so i highly reccommend you check it out now!
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5 / 10      MapQuest.com      Submitted By: js8829

MapQuest.com was pretty much the pioneer of web mapping/driving direction services. Map Quest is good for well, maps, but if you need directions, i would reccommend Google Maps instead. In my experiences with Map Quest, the directions are not correct most of the time, and they don't seem to regularly update their roads (for example, they don't factor in road closures, etc) Also, some places aren't available on Map Quest, like back roads and places kind of out of the way. Map Quest is excellent for its maps, however.
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10 / 10      Google Maps      Submitted By: js8829

Google Maps is one of, if not THE best mapping/ driving site around. They have great map features, like hybrid view which allows you to see an aerial map, and the maps allow you to zoom in really close. Driving directions are 100% accurate!!! Google Maps is WAY better than other sites like Map Quest. A highly reccommended website.
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8 / 10      Live365      Submitted By: js8829

Live365 was one of the very first and is the best internet radio site. Live365 allows you to choose from 1000's of different categories of internet radio stations and it has a huge variety of stations to choose from. The only downside: Live365 takes a long time to load on my computer. Otherwise,the site has some pretty cool features; for instance, it allows you to create your own internet radio station. Worth a visit.
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9 / 10      Google Tool Bar      Submitted By: js8829

The Google Toolbar is a great thing to install on your computer. You download it from Google, and it puts a toolbar in your browser that allows you to easily search websites, block pop ups, and more. Using Google Toolbar is quick and convenient, because you dont have to waste time going to Google itself to search for something, it is all placed in your browser window. A good feature to have.
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7 / 10      YAHOO! Toolbar      Submitted By: js8829

The YAHOO! Tool bar is the same exact thing as Google Toolbar...it has good features. From Yahoo toolbar, you can quickly search for sites, access your Yahoo E-Mail account, block pop ups and much more. It installs a toolbar in at the top of your browser window that has all these features. If you had to pick between Yahoo Toolbar and Google Toolbar, go with google, only because yahoo's toolbar takes up more space in your bwoser window than the google one does.
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5 / 10      Ask! Tool Bar      Submitted By: js8829

The Ask! Tool bar is exactly like the google and yahoo toolbars. Its main purpose is to provide a small search engine box at the top of your browser window. I like using the ask! toolbar because it is good when you have a specific question to ask and you're not just simply searching for one word or phrase like with yahoo or google. Another good tool to have. My only con is that the Ask! toolbar doesn't have a button that brings you directly to your email box, which yahoo and google do have.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      iTunes      Submitted By: js8829

I've been using iTunes since it first started, and i have never had a problem with them. They seem to have the largest selection and variety of music, and the site is extremely easy to navigate. The songs download fast, sound great, and are a cheap 99 cents! Best music download service around.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      yahoo! music      Submitted By: js8829

I love Yahoo! Music. It is the second best music site in my opinion, with iTunes being first. Yahoo! Music has great features. It allows you to listen to songs over and over again without actually having to buy them, although this option is available. Yahoo! Music is also an excellent music player to have on your computer. It is always fast and reliable. An excellent digital music service!
(click here for complete review)
9 / 10      Yahoo! Domains      Submitted By: js8829

I have a few domains registered with Yahoo, and it beats goDaddy by a mile. Yahoo Domains offers superior customer service, the operators are very friendly and helpful. If you purchase a hosting plan with Yahoo, they also give you a free website building tool, Yahoo! SiteBuilder which is also great. I completely trust Yahoo, and they hardly ever have glitches in their system. Domains usually become active in 1-2 hours, as where with goDaddy, they usually take 1-2 DAYS to get your domain up and running.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      EarthLink      Submitted By: js8829

I have had 3 ISPs in the past (NetZero, AOL, and most recently EarthLink), and EarthLink is definitely the best. I have dial up on my desktop with EarthLink, and one of those wi-fi thingy-ma-jiggys on my laptop, and EarthLink is just as fast, if not faster, as the wi-fi. EarthLink's Customer Service, their e-mail service, and their homepage are all great. The price is fairly low, too ($29). They have great customer service, too.
(click here for complete review)
5 / 10      AOL      Submitted By: js8829

AOL is an okay ISP service. They are very slow on my computer. Sites take a terribly long time to load, and AOL'shomepage in general is hard to navigate. AOL is also expensive ($40 for me), and their customer service is sub-par. AOL is also not very good at blocking spam and popups. I reccomend getting a different service, like EarthLink.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      NetZero      Submitted By: js8829

NetZero was one of the first ISPs, and is a pretty good one. They have good email and homepage features. Pages are kind of slow to load, but you can deal with it. Be careful-they lure you in with an offer that says "4.95 a month" However, this is only for the FIRST month, then they raise the rate. They do have good customer service. This is a good budget ISP.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      SongLyrics.com      Submitted By: js8829

SongLyrics.com is a very good song lyric site. It has many artists and songs. The web site is also easy to search and navigate. They have many search options; for instance, you can search by a phrase in a song. Lyrics are very accurate, and a wide range of song lyrics can be found on the site. Worth a visit.
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Billboard.com Review      Submitted By: js8829

Billboard.com is a great site for finding info on the latest music news and more. Site is well designed, and both easy to read and navigate. Their lists are very useful- they tell you the top 100 songs, which is an excellent way to discover popular songs that you've probably never heard before. ANother site worth the visit.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      Yahoo! Calendar      Submitted By: js8829

Yahoo! Calendar is a great tool and probably the best calendar on the web. It is extremely useful in helping organize a hectic and chaotic lifestyle. The calendar can be accessed from any computer, which is good. The calendar is easy to use. Yahoo! Calendar is a good family calendar, and one that is worthwhile. I reccommend you check it out!!!
(click here for complete review)
9 / 10      Netflix      Submitted By: js8829

Netflix is a great movie rental site. It is VERY convenient and the movies come fast. Netflix is also cheap compared to other online movie rental sites. They have an amazing collection of movies, including everything from new releases to kids movies. They make it a no-brainer to return your movies, too-just pop the movie into a prepaid envelope and off it goes, with another movie from your list coming right away. Definitely a useful service to subscribe to, and they have SUPERB customer service.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      SnapFish      Submitted By: js8829

Snapfish is by far the best photo printing service on the web. The website itself is very easy to use and upload your photos to, and they have EXCELLENT customer service. They offer photo prints and other photo items (photo calendars, photo holiday cards, etc.) The photo prints come very fast and are printed in great quality. A great site!
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      DIGG REVIEW      Submitted By: js8829

Digg.com is simply the best social bookmarking site out there. The website is well designed, and great to use. Using Digg is not complicated at all. It allows users to bookmark everything from sports to business articles. Digg is very fun to use, has compelling and user friendly features. If you haven't visited Digg yet, visit it now! It's great!
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Wikipedia      Submitted By: js8829

Wikipedia is a great site...it allows users to access a free, user written and edited encyclopedia. Over 500,000 topics are in the encyclopedia, and you can research just about everything. It is like having the World Book Encyclopedia...the only difference is it's FREE! The only problem i have with Wikipedia is that its user-generated content, which i'd say is accurate most of the time, but about 10% of the time its not. Overall, Wikipedia is a cool resocurce to use. It has NOOOO Ads, a HUGE plus!
(click here for complete review)
5 / 10      Review of agentB.com      Submitted By: js8829

From what I gather, agentB.com is basically a social bookmarking site. It allows user to "buzz", or vote on their favorite deals, and if enough "buzzes" are given to a particular deal, that deal/offer/coupon moves up to the homepage of the website. Overall, the website seems to need a little more work. I have a few issues with this website: 1)It is EXTREMELY text heavy, with hardly any images at all, which I found straining on my eyes; 2)If you click on one of the deals, it brings you DIRECTLY to the website where the deal is located. I would prefer it if it showed you the deal while staying ON the actual agentB website. Lastly, (3)I found the website utterly confusing, and it took me about 20 minutes to get the gist of it. If you can figure agentB.com out, which I eventually did, it certainly is usable and worth your time to some extent.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of 43things.com      Submitted By: js8829

43things.com is a website devoted to sharing goals and aspirations with other members of this online community. In a nutshell, users create their list of of up to 43 life goals, post it on the site, and then others have the ability to view your dreams and goals and "cheer" you on, or basically encourage you. I found it very interesting looking at other member's goals; it was kind of nice to see how all kinds of different people, no matter from what religion, etc., had similar goals to me, like to be healthy, happy, and tons of other good goals. I created a list myself, and it was in fact very inspiring to have other people cheer me on. The only downside is that there aren't many features that other social networking sites have. For instance, I couldn't find any feature that allowed you the ability to look up people from within your company or school. If you want to achieve ANY goal, I would recommend strongly you use this site...it really helps when you have a whole community "cheer" you on!
(click here for complete review)
5 / 10      Review of agentB.com      Submitted By: js8829

I found CoWorkersAds.cim to be a very interesting and neat concept. It is a very good tool if you want to post a classified ad. The whole website is basically like craigslist.org, but the difference is that you are dealing with people within your company. For example, if you work for oracle, you can go on CoWorkersAds and search classified ad postings from employees within Oracle. After taking a close look at this site, I have come to the conclusion that it is probably safer than a site like craigslist because you are dealing with people you know, people within the organization you work for. I would recommend checking it out! The only drawback I have is that you are posting or viewing classified ads form a limited community, because it all depends on how many people from your company participate in CoWorkersAds.
(click here for complete review)
9 / 10      Review of ETSY.COM      Submitted By: js8829

Etsy.com is an amazon.com clone, but it has a unique twist---it sells ONLY handmade items, like artwork or jewelry made by real people, not a machine. I think etsy will be the next big website, as I've read about in a few magazines nad everyone seems to be talking about it lately. On etsy, you can list items for sale you made yourself. I sold an item I made, and it worked out very well. I have also bought a few items from etsy, and it was hassle free and very simple to do. If you are very enthusiastic about crafts/handmade things, then by all means, check out etsy.com. I have also read that some people are also making tons of money selling their wares on this site, so I would recomennd selling things there too. Etsy is a very fun site to use or browse.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of knol.google.com      Submitted By: js8829

Knol.Google.com is another wiki, but it is operated by google. Knol seems to be more community-oriented than wikipedia.org, a similar site. Knol allows you to share your knowledge with others on any topic you know about. I like knol because as I stated above, it is more community oriented than wikipedia. For example, people who wite "knols" are allowed to get credit for their work, whereas on wikipedia, it's kind of hard to find who wrote the articles. Users also permitted to upload pictures of themselves and when you click on an article, the author is credited on the right hand side of the page. I also liked that knol displays article stats, like how many people have read any particular article. A possible wikipedia alternative????
(click here for complete review)
5 / 10      review of livejournal.com      Submitted By: js8829

LiveJournal.com is very similar to blogger, but it calls blog postings "journal entries" rather than, well, blog postings! I like the concept of calling it a journal entry because it sounds more personal than the word "blog" in my opinion. I'm sure some users find LiveJournal to be a great tool, but I'm afraid to say that it seems to be a blogger clone in disguise to me. The site does have a good layout, though. In my opinion, you are better off using the original blogging tool---blogger. I also don't like the fact that L.J. seems to be too commercial and money-focused...there was a huge banner ad on one of the pages I visited, and I found this to be annoying. Also, LiveJournal tries to get you to sign up for a "premium service", which they charge extra for, of course.
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Review of qumana.com      Submitted By: js8829

Qumana.com is a website that offers "tools for bloggers". From what I found, it mainly seems to be an ad program that you can implement on your blog. The site is extremely well designed and very eye catching. They seem to have a good reputation and i've read that they have great customer service. I currently use adsense for my own blog, but if I had known Qumana was around when I started my blog, I would've probably used this service because i like the fact that they aren't as big as google and customers say that they give "every customer the attention they deserve." One con however...Qumana seems to only work with TypePad blogs.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      Review of TypePad.com      Submitted By: js8829

TypePad.com is another blogging tool/software. They offer EXCELLENT, eye catching blog designs and layouts. Also, they don't leave you hanging in the dust after you create your blog, but you have to pay for this of course. TypePad will help you advertise your blog and spread the word and they offer great customer service. Packages start at about $5 dollars, and it's definitely worth looking in to.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of VOX.COM      Submitted By: js8829

Vox.com is another more upscale blogging service than blogger. They are completely FREE, and offer stunning blog designs. Vox is extremely easy to use, and I like how they have integrated tools such as Flickr and YouTube so that you, the blogger, can put photos or videos from these sites onto your blog. This is probaly the next best FREE blogging website/tool, after blogger.com, of course.
(click here for complete review)
6 / 10      Review of CollegeClassifieds.com      Submitted By: js8829

CollegeClassifieds.com is another website just like craigslist, but for college students. The website has seperate classified ad pages for colleges in every state. I like the fact that you are dealing with people you know, people on your college campus. What I don't understand, however, is why there is a need for a website like this, because college campuses are usually very small, so I don't see why college students don't just save the hassle and trade things face to face. The homepage is somewhat cluttered and text-heavy, but overall, it's a pretty good site.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of AddictingGames.com      Submitted By: js8829

If you're ever bored, be sure to go to addicting games. They have loads of free games to play, from action games to skill and brain games. The website is always very fast, and the games load within a reasonable amount of time. AddictingGames.com has the widest variety of games, compared to other game websites. Also, their graphics and design of their games can't be beat.
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Review of southbeachdiet.com      Submitted By: js8829

SouthBeachDiet.com is a great resource for losing weight. As you can probably guess, it is the companion site of the South Beach Diet book. I found it to be very helpful because of all the tools it has... a meal planner, shopping list generator, and so on. It's like having a nutritionist right beside you in your journey to weight loss! The only issue I had was that before I could use any tools on the site, I had to answer question after question after question about my health and weight loss goals. However, I did feel somewhat lost, as I haven't read the actual book.
(click here for complete review)
3 / 10      Review of DeniseAustin.com      Submitted By: js8829

DeniseAustin.com is a weight loss tool/ diet plan. It has all the same weight loss and diet planning calculators that all the other diet websites have, but this one stood out, but NOT for a good reason. When I went to the website, I was practically ambushed with Denise Austin's self-promotion. I was bombarded with huge ads for her books and diet pills. I found myself focusing more on the ads than the actual website content---NOT a good thing. SouthBeachDiet.com is a better alternative to this website-at least it has fewer ads!
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Review of eClassical.com      Submitted By: js8829

eClassical has a huge selection of classical music available for download. I started using this site to download classical music for my grandfather, and i love it! I can find all the classical pieces he likes, many of which I can not find on iTunes. Two drawbacks: It took a bit of time to download the music, and I also think there music is kind of high priced.
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Review of Yahoo! Directory      Submitted By: js8829

The Yahoo Directory is pretty much the yellow pages of the internet. No matter what type of website you are looking for, you can find it in the Yahoo! Directory by clicking on one of their hundreds of categories and subcategories. The only problem I have with this particular directory is that they CHARGE for websites to be listed in the directory. This seems a bit corrupt to me... what if a website that's not really that good buys a spot in the Yahoo! Directory?; isn't this kind of wasting our time because no one from Yahoo! actually SCREENS the websites that buy advertising? There should be a better system!
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of YellowPages.com      Submitted By: js8829

The Yellow Pages website is the best local directory out there. Whether you want to find pizza shops or people in your neighborhood, you should go to YellowPages.com first. The website is very easy to use and has great design. Also, you can do a reverse phone look up for when someone calls you and you don't know who it was. I find this to be a very useful tool.
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8 / 10      review of GoDaddy.com      Submitted By: js8829

GoDaddy.com was one of the first hosting/domain companies, and they have an excellent reputation. Their hosting is flawless, and my website has never been down in all the years I've used their service. They have good web design tools and their customer service is UNBEATABLE! I do take issue with the fact that they ar overpriced to a degree...for example, Yahoo allows you to get your domain name registrared for free when you purchase a hosting plan, but GoDaddy does not. Good company to work with, though.
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      review of kayak.com      Submitted By: js8829

kayak.com is a "travel search engine", and if you want excellent travel prices, make kayak your one and only choice. What I like about kayak is that they aren't middlemen and aren't involved at all in selling airfare, hotel stays, etc... Kayak makes their money when someone buys an airplane ticket, etc. and is then REDIRECTED to that airlines website. In other words, kayak is in the advertising business, NOT the travel selling business. Because of this, I am confident that I am getting the best deal when I search for travel using kayak.com. The BEST travel website EVER!
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of Alexa.com      Submitted By: js8829

Alexa is by far one of the greatest web analytics tools out there. The site is run by amazon.com, so you can be pretty sure that their information and statistics are pretty accurate. Alexa is a beautifully designed website. Statistics, such as the traffic ranking of websites, is presented in a way that can be easily understood. Graphs are all over, another feature of Alexa that makes it a pleasure to use. The only problem with Alexa is that it sometimes hard to find information/statistics when it comes to smaller websites.
(click here for complete review)
5 / 10      Review of comScore.com      Submitted By: js8829

comScore.com is a company that does market research for websites so they can determine "consumer behavior". ComScore says that their goal is "to find valuable links between online and offline behavior of consumers". From what I gather, they try to help online companies figure out how to improve their businesses by analyzing things such as website traffic, etc. However, this website doesnt really allow the public to view data. This site is only good for companies, really
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      Review of iGoogle      Submitted By: js8829

The iGoogle service is truly a great tool to have. To create an iGoogle personal start page, you must first register for a google account. Once you create this account, you can design a homepage that you will see everytime you visit google.com. On your iGoogle homepage, you can have your local news and weather displayed. You can also set it up to display your favorite games and horoscopes. Basically, iGoogle will show you everything you need, all on one page/website. The only problem I have is that there is so much stuff you can put on your personal start page that it becomes cluttered and hard to read in a way. A VERY useful tool, though!
(click here for complete review)
10 / 10      Review of Internet Explorer      Submitted By: js8829

Internet Explorer is a web browser run by Microsoft. I like Internet Explorer because it is always very fast and reliable... I've been using ever since I started web surfing, and it has never let me down. I like the fact that it is compatible with just about EVERY website... what I mean by this is that with some browsers, such as safari, certain websites will not load completely, and their will be tons of errors on the page. This has never happened with I.E. This is a great browser from a great company you can trust, Microsoft. Also, Internet Explorer is VERY easy to use and has lots of neat features.
(click here for complete review)
9 / 10      Review of WikiQuote      Submitted By: js8829

WikiQuote.org is essentially an online encyclopedia of quotes, but a 100 times better. With WikiQuote, You can search for quotes to use by choosing one of the many categories, such as "Film Quotes", etc. They have over 16400 quotes, and the site is soooo easy to navigate. It's another great wiki to make use of.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of Wikia.com      Submitted By: js8829

In a nutshell, wikia.com is a wiki for fansites, or simply online fan clubs. Anyone can go to the site and create a wiki/fanclub about any thing/topic they want, from video game fanclubs to toy and entertainment fan clubs. I love the fact that this truly is a HUGE community with a LOT of members. Also, I like that they allow you to incorporate pictures from Flickr.com onto your fan clubs that you belong to. Wikia is a very fun and enjoyable site to use.
(click here for complete review)
4 / 10      Review of WikiSource.com      Submitted By: js8829

WikiSource.com is a wiki that is a database of "free content" that you can read or browse online. Essentially, you can browse full texts of books, articles, etc. that are now in the public domain. They claim to have many things in this public domain wiki, but I had trouble finding works that were relevant or that would interest me. Also, I don't like the fact that the site is VERY hard to search and navigate around.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of WikiVersity.com      Submitted By: js8829

To be honest, I wish WikiVersity existed when I was in school. The site describes itself as an online "Learning Resource". This particular wiki is a compendium of all the things one learns in school, and is divided by academic level, from pre-school up to the higher grades. If you are currently in school and are struggling with something, be sure to check out WikiVersity, because it explains things that you learn in school in a simple way that can be easily understood.
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Review of GameFly      Submitted By: js8829

Game Fly is a service that allows you to rent video games through the mail. Their fees are very low, and for a low monthly fee, you can rent many games. I was astounded by how many games they have, and i like that there are no late fees. They also have games for a wide variety of game systems, like xbox, etc. I use this service, and the discs have NEVER been scratched when i received them.
(click here for complete review)
8 / 10      Review of AdWeek      Submitted By: js8829

AdWeek is an excellent niche website catering to news for the advertising industry. The site is "chock full of" articles and news about specific ad agencies and the industry in general. Their articles are always well written and informative, and their writing staff is superb. AdWeek is nicely designed an easy to navigate.
(click here for complete review)
7 / 10      Review of iStockPhoto      Submitted By: js8829

iStockPhoto.com is a great service to use if you ever need stock photos. The service is reasonably and fair priced, not to mention their super customer service. They have the widest variety of stock photos out there! The site is also easily searchable and finding the perfect photo is painless. Lastly, their photos all look professional and are, well, GREAT photos!
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