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Username: lehtok
Sex / Age: / years old
Location:: bozeman, MONTANA
Member Since:: 5/5/2008 4:13:51 PM
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7 / 10      decent review      Submitted By: lehtok

this web site is very good. it has a great design and is very easy to fillow. i would rate this site a eight out of ten. the web site is also particularly faster than most websites of its kind. it is not over crowded with ads and every thing is in plain site. this page has everything u need as well as everything you need to know about the particular products advertised on the page as well as the product taht you are looking for at very competitive prices.if i were you i would consider taking a look at this site before going anywere else
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7 / 10      great website      Submitted By: lehtok

this web site is one of the better social networking web sites ive ever visited. evrything is explained loud and clear in laimens terms and it also gives great direction as well as online guidence. i suggest that you check out this website before you make any final decisions on what you are trying to do. why waste your time on other websites that have hard to find information and an unclear message. this website is the top of the line social networking website and needs to be more advertised and used. if your looking for a simple website that has everyhting you need id go here.
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3 / 10      social bombshell      Submitted By: lehtok

this web site is obviously a poor website all around. it is poorly coinstructed. it is very hard to understand as well was find what i need to on the site. the previous two social networking websites were at least seventy five percent better than this site. this site was hard enough to pull up but it ws also extremely slow and undescriptiitve. i would not prefer thsi site under any circumstances unless you dont have any ther choices. i am not saying this is completly useless but the others ive came across are much more descriptive n in great detail
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5 / 10      need college money      Submitted By: lehtok

Are you a college student? even if you are nou tou should at least consuder community college. the opppertunitys are endless. dont jujst be a highschool dropout. at leat get your ged. its affordable on every budget. atvaby cost you can make a better life for yourself. you nay think your life is alrigh but just think aout the future, the bills, heating, electric, water, these guys are draining me i need money to pay for colllege and food not jujs6t maybe social life and my food to survive. colllege isnt just about partying but knowing you limits. partys are fun but get outa control
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