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Editor Recommendations / Editor Quick Picks - Social Networking Websites


The items listed below are the features that are offered by Social Networking Websites. These items should be evaluated thoroughly before selecting a site to join.

Quick Picks Name
Quick Picks Description
Quick Picks Winner
Largest User Network If you are looking for the most users under one social networking roof, then there is no question that Facebook is the place. Facebook has finally trumped MySpace and all other social networking websites in terms of monthly traffic.
Best for College Students Facebook is the place for college students and is one of the most secure, reliable places to find new friends due to its email-based login system (requires all users to have a college email address).
Best for Business Networking Most business networking sites lost their luster when generic, non-focused social networks came on the scene. However, if you are strictly about business, LinkedIn has features and a network that will definitely meet your needs. No kids allowed in here!
Best for Travelers TravBuddy.com is the best place for user-generated travel information. Users submit reviews of destinations, post pictures and blog of the travel experiences, and provide information that only those that have visited a specific destination can accurately share.
Best for Users +40 years old If you are over 40 and looking for a place to discuss life issues and connect with other like-minded +40 year olds, TBD is your spot. They seem to have the largest user base and the right tools for this demographic group.
Best Features If you are a feature nut and want lots of functionality, Facebook is the place. With the addition of the Facebook Applications, you can do just about anything with your Facebook account utilizing content and functionality from your favorite sites.
Best Service for Building a Social Network If you want to start your very own social network and don't have the time or money to build it, go to Ning. Ning allows you to set-up a social network and gives you a host of tools that help you control and moderate your network.