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What to Look for in DVD Rental Websites


The items listed below are the key things you should look for before joining DVD Rental Websites. Pay close attention to these areas as they determine which sites are the best.

Feature Name
Feature Description
Number of DVDs Offered The more the merrier. Look for DVD rental services with large DVD libraries because there is higher chance of you finding what you want the more DVDs that are available.
Time it takes to get your DVD in the mail If you want to rent a lot of DVDs per month, the average time it takes to return and receive your DVDs is critical. Look for services that have fast turnaround time from receiving your DVD request to the DVD arriving in your mailbox.
DVD Recommendations Recommendations help you find new movies to watch. A service can provide recommendations based on numerous things including user ratings, friends likes, your viewing history, etc. Look for services that offer recommendations and do all of the work of finding new movies for you!