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What to Look for in Blogging Websites


The items listed below are the key things you should look for before joining Blogging Websites. Pay close attention to these areas as they determine which sites are the best.

Feature Name
Feature Description
Ability to add media to your blog Adding media to your blog is becoming increasingly important as users start to prefer video and audio as opposed to text. Adding videos, pictures, and audio really enhance your blog and should be used (but not overused) when possible.
Blog Directory Submission If you want people to be able to search for and read your blog, blog submission features are great ways to start. Look for services that offer multiple blog submissions to various blog directories and when users look for blogs in your category, your blog appears.
Template Offering For those that do not have the knowledge of simply the time to create cool layouts and color schemes for blogs, templates are critical. Templates allow you to quickly create a great looking blog with no coding knowledge whatsoever.
Template Customization Options Look for blogs that give you as much control as possible over the look and feel of the template. Being able to create your own style sheets and HTML for your blog is becoming the norm.