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LinkedIn Tutorials, How-tos, Demos, Walkthroughs - How to Use LinkedIn


Below is a listing of editorial and / or video tutorials, how-tos, demonstration / instructional content that helps users understand how to use LinkedIn . This includes how to use certain features, an overview of how LinkedIn works, etc.

Tutorials / Walk-throughs
LinkedIn Profile Tutorial
LinkedIn Profile Tutorial
LinkedIn Tutorial
This tutorial describes the benefits being "linked in" with your colleagues.
LinkedIn Profile Tutorial
Learn how to fill out a LinkedIn Profile and ways to use LinkedIn
LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar has come out with its Outlook Toolbar which integrates the use of linkedin through the email client. It becomes super easy to invite people to your network and also to keep your address book up-to-date.
Demo of LinkedIn Status and other communication features
Chris Richman, Sr. Product Manager demoes LinkedIn Status and a slew of other communication features
What is LinkedIn?
A video overview explaining what LinkedIn is and how it works.
LinkedIn Mobile Demo for the iPhone
Demonstration of LinkedIn Mobile (launched on Feb 24, 2008) and its features by Lead Engineer, Jerry Luk.