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Review Submitted On: 5/7/2010 12:00:00 AM
Reviewed By:: wildaboutmovie

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Lying Reps, Anonymous Emails, No Dedicated Representatives

Value Click Review

I used VC for 7 years, and made over $5000 per month FOR VC, and one of their incompetent employees tried to DEACTIVATE my account - why? Because I had signed up with FANDANGO, and didn't know that Commission Junction was owned by VC, and I already had an account with them, (and Fandango uses CJ to pay out), my account on both sites, CJ and VC, was terminated - because I tried to sign up for a second account. It's impossible to get through to anyone at the company, as emails are responded to in a rude manner. I think I would know if my site was having issues because of their tags, since I have been in the business for years. (See below, as an example). ValueClick Support to me Hello Tim, Thank you for contacting ValueClick Media. We have verified through three separate PC's and a laptop that your users are only being presented with one of our pop-under per visit and thus have been unable to reproduce this issue. ValueClick Media bills it's publishers based on our data. If you disagree with this, you are more than welcome to remove our pop-code. Thank you, Publisher Services ValueClick Media - Display Advertising support@valueclick.com In addition, when emails are responded to, they are done so anonymously; no one signs their name so you have no reference point to whom you talked with. Finally, trying to resolve the issue was such a nightmare, since the people who work there are so incompetent, AND RUDE, I pulled my tags, told them to 'f-ck off' and am going with ADBRITE for my remnant ads from now on. OH. And most of their ads suck anyway.


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